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Controlling Internet Use in the Workplace


California Law Addresses Social Media Privacy (NPR Audio 1:54 min 1/4/2013)

Consider: "Problem: Job interviewer asks for Facebook password. Do you give it?" (Alaska Dispatch 6/2012)

If you question that article, here is another from PC Magazine in March of 2012, "House Republicans on Wednesday defeated an amendment that would have banned current or prospective employers from requiring workers to hand over personal passwords as a condition of keeping or getting a new job."

Ah, but now times are different, in Utah at least:

Utah H.B. 100
Status: March 26, 2013; Signed by Governor. Chapter 94.
Modifies provisions addressing labor in general and higher education to enact protections for personal Internet accounts; enacts the Internet Employment Privacy Act, including defining terms, permitting or prohibiting certain actions by an employer; provides that the chapter does not create certain duties; provides private right of action; enacts the Internet Postsecondary Education Privacy Act.

Ah, but what does this mean?

Utah HB 100 will have a stifling effect on an employer’s ability to investigate the activities of prospective or current employees but employers are now statutorily entitled to request that employees provide personal login information where it pertains to one of the following:

Utah HB 100 provides damaged employees and/or applicants a private cause of action that may be taken against the employer with a penalty of up to $500 per violation (Elser & Sweeney, 2013)

The status in other states: