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Critical Success Factors (CSF)

Critical Success Factors (CSF's), also known as Key Success Indicators (KSI's), are measurable factors that create an environment conducive to project success. Progress toward target should have milestones.

The idea is very simple: in any organization certain factors will be critical to the success of that organization, in the sense that, if objectives associated with the factors are not achieved, the organization will fail - perhaps catastrophically so.

One goal is to get agreement on what your critical success factors are. Once you select a set of metrics you have to live with them, therefore they have to be chosen very carefully.

Critical success factors in project management include things like:

Success is not just completion of a set of activiites within time, cost and performanc constraints. It is, for example:

Questions to ask yourself:

What is hardest to track? Depends who you ask:

Just as there are critical success factors for a project, there are critical success factors for implementing project management itself: