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Goals and Objectives


By definition are “outcome statements that define what an organization is trying to accomplish
both programmatically and organizationally” (The Nature of Goals, n.d.).  
Goals are usually:

After the goals are identified you can then think in terms of what you want to accomplish within each
goal in the next three to five years.
Here are some steps in establishing goals and expectations:


By definition objectives are described as being very precise, time-based, and measurable
actions that support the completion of a goal.
Measurable objectives state:

The people whose behaviors, knowledge, and/or skills are to be changed as a result of the program.

The intended behavior, knowledge, and/or skill changes that should result from the program or activities.

What tool or device (surveys, tests, data from other sources) will be used to measure the expected changes. Remember you need to ensure that your department has the resources/capacity (time, staff, funding, etc.) to perform the measurement.

Identify the criteria for success.

Identify the time frame for success (North Carolina Medical Society, n.d.).
Objectives must:

Six criteria for good project objectives:


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