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Resource Estimation

What is resource planning? It is determining what resources should be used to perform project activities and when they will be needed. This includes people, equipment, and materials. In determining what resources are needed you should ask for input from individuals or groups with specialized training in each process area (expert judgment) either from units within the organization, consultants, professional associations, or industry groups. You will also want to spend some time identifying alternatives if there are particular resources that are limited, constrained, or otherwise unreliable.

"Your objective in resource estimation is to come up with resource requirements for the project. This is a description of what types of resources are required and in what quantities for each element at the lowest level of the Work Breakdown Structure. Resource requirements for higher levels within the WBS can be calculated based on the lower-level values. These resources will be obtained either through staff acquisition or procurement." (PMI, 2000, p. 86)

A very brief article on the topic is "Resource estimation tips for the development manager"

Just remember that whatever you estimate in the beginning is what the customer is probably going to remember and make their decisions about you on, regardless of what you change your estimates to later on. Example: If you say you estimate a project to cost $5000 at the start of the project, the customer is going to consider that the expected cost regardless of if you have scope creep, unexpected delays or risks, or whatever. The customer will think to themselves,"they said $5000 when we started this thing." In the beginning after all is when the company makes the decision to do the project or not, even though that is when our estimates are the weakest. As one might guess, our estimates get better the further we get into the project.

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