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60 Minutes Kevin Mitnick Interview (video 8:26 min)

Internet Crime / Cybercrime

Unlawful Online Conduct and Applicable Federal Laws (PDF: United States Department of Justice)

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

Intentional versus Unintentional

We have intentional versus unintentional issues relating to many areas of our lives such as nonadherance to medical plans or treatments, sustainment of injuries, abuse of children or infants, food safety, affects of perscription drugs, etc. As with other areas, we also has aspects of intentional verus nonintentional issues relating to security. For example, a software upgrade might unintentionally cause a security hole, or a piece of defective equipment might disrupt systems. Then, intentnional threats can be made by an assortment of people. As the U.S. Government Accountabiliy Office points out, " Sources of threats include criminal groups, hackers, terrorists, organization insiders, and foreign nations engaged in crime, political activism, or espionage and information warfare" (2012)

View Cybersecurity: threats impacting the nation 2012 report (PDF 20 pages)

Point of discussion: Consider uman errors and violations in computer and information security, what safeguards should be put in place?

Blocking or Monitoring Use

Blocking or monitoring use in the workplace

Vulnerabilities and Security Breeches

First, let's consider informatoin technology threats and vulnerabilities as described by NASA

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) Top 30 Targeted High Risk Vulnerabilities List

Things you can do


When considering ethics in relation to technology overall, perhaps a good place to start is to consider regulations put in place to ensure consumer safety:

Manufacturer Rules and Regulations:

 Another area to consider is the idea of voluntary certifications.

Voluntary product certifications:

Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) is an independent, non-profit certification organization that certifies over 1000 different types of safety and protective equipment used to protect industrial workers, emergency responders & fire service personnel, and general consumers



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